I love music. I own a lot of music, all of it in ogg format now, I'll try to review as much as I can. Granted it's a lot of music so it'll be a growing thing as I still buy a lot of CDs.

I do prefer classical and metal. I know the differences can seem quite grand but anyone who has listened to Nightwish or Within Temptation knows that there are crossovers. I also of course like some pop and other acts that makes no sense. I guess I mainly get hooked on either the lyrics of a song or the feel of it. Generally both...

If I have too choose three artists for the remainder of my life it'd be Otep, SlipKnoT and Seasick Steve at the moment. Steve might be replaced with Chiasm or Muse as well. Otep and SlipKnoT however haven't moved out of their places since I first listened to them.

As for the classical. I prefer to have experiences there. Collecting the pieces isn't for me. I prefer radio-like listening, something that just happens. I do prefer Chopin and Mozart I guess. Not the operas really but the musical pieces without song. I can't properly explain it.

Spotify is a good source here, their radio function is a great way of finding new material that you haven't heard of before. I hope they'll become better as time goes since I really like the concept of it. I might even become a premium user in the future... who knows?