This section lists the authours I like and the what books they have written that I like. I won't review every last book they've ever written since I haven't written. In fact, even if I have read them all I probably won't written them all up.

One of my pleasures are reading books so this section might grow quite a bit over time as I find that reading books is probably one of the best ways of escaping the world for a while and get my bearings in order. Mainly since if you don't think about a problem for awhile you tend to subconsiously find an answer.

The other thing with books is that gives you ideas about all kinds of things since it's a make belief world some thought up to tell whomever reads the book a thing or two. Very much like Terry Pratchett does, pointedly, he made up a world to show off different things about humans, humanity and the silliness that is associatyed with us.

If you got a suggestion for a good authour, drop me a line about them as I constantly am out of books to read. Don't bother with swedish books, I can barely read it anymore after all the years I've spent reading english lit. in different forms. I guess I just find them intresting anymore.

At any rate, hope you might find a new authour you'll like reading this section.