Rules of Conduct

  1. Any content you add, comments most likely, will be logged to your account. Every comment will also be logged to the IP you currently used for that session. This is because I am responsible for your actions on my site.
  2. If I deem your comments inappropiate I will delete them. As stated above I am responsible for them unless I pass them over to the legal authouritives.
    I am however a person who likes a good discussion so a well formed argument will always be treated as such.
  3. Phobic comments are always deleted. It is always grounds for expulsion.
  4. Illegalities will be forwarded to the proper authouritives for their consideration as to what action should be taken. Ignorance of the law or rules has never been a defence, let common sense guide you.
  5. I won't sell, transmit or use your email for any other reason than to log your actions or contact you for the actions you have make on my site while logged in.
    I will retain the right to contact you.
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