2010-06-21 - Been thinking...

yes I have actually.
I have actually finished my book now. Admittedly not a very original one. At least not in the normal sense. I didn't invent a whole new genre or anything but it's mine. It was actually a lot easier to finish this one than any others I've tried on.

For some reason it was a lot easier to write than any other story I have tried to print down before. I hope it makes it a good one for some reason. I'm actually going to try to make get it published. The only problem for me is really that I live in Sweden. I know it shouldn't make it a problem but it is since I written it in english just like I have written this site in english.

It might not make a lot of sense but I actually write, read and listen to more english than swedish and considering that new guy at work speaks english that is also changing rapidly. I try to speak swedish with him since he has asked me too but I lapse into english all too easily. Like the rest of my colleagues do, even with other colleagues whom speaks swedish as their native tongue.

It's kinda weird how one language can become some so pervasive in your life you actually prefer to speak it and write over your own since you seem to speak it, even think in it before your own. I probably construct better sentences in english than in swedish now. I know my old swedish/english teacher would shudder at hearing that but that's the truth.

I watched the royal wedding this weekend for some odd reason, hah!, there were quite a few mixed speeches where both the King and the Prince Daniel mixed in a english in their speeches and the funny thing is that I didn't realize it until after they had finished their speeches that had actually.

I know, it sounds like I'm boosting about this but the same goes for my colleagues who don't seem to register that I've switched over or that they do in mid-sentence. It's like we always use the path of least resistence to tell something. If it's easier to say it in english we switch over seamlessly to english and then back when that is easier to use to describe what we want.

I wonder what happens when you learn more languages, do you start to meld them together in order to make things easier on your self to get your message across? Perhaps we will all begin to use Globish(simplified english, french invention) to communicate as we get more and more interconnected across the world?

I know I started about my book and and I probably should finish with that. I've actually started on part two, I know there is a story there to tell and I guess I want to tell it I guess I just have to figure out how to get published in the end. By finding an agent in the UK or US I guess...
Or post it somewhere, possibly here.


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