2010-05-07 - A long time since I since last...

...and I have a valid excuse!
I've got a job actually. It might not be as a web developer or whatever you want to call it but as a classical java developer. Ok, I produce server services for a web application. Ok at some point I'm still working for the web but who isn't?

But the really good part, it finishes off my education very very neatly. I know every single little bit off my studies. All I have to go is get hold of my exam project now and I'm done and finished.

That sounds simple but it really isn't. It's all about finding all the fault you did in your work to do the project that interests the examiner apparently. Not the actual work which is a bit disheartening if you ask me. I'm all about producing something good, not killing it off by saying that I did it badly.

But back to the good part, I signed my contract today. That was a blast. I'll have to sort out a good way to put images here on the site to show it off but in short - it's signed. I'm hired! For the summer...

But with a really good possibility of getting hired for real as my work so far is very much approved as are all of my colleagues of me as well. In short, for once my life is on the track it's supposed to be. At least according to me which is the only opinion that counts, isn't it?


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