2010-01-31 - Time is passing fast again...

Tempus Fugit - Time Flies. That's how it feels right now. I never seem to have time enough to do all that I need to do. It probably is more my impression than the actual fact. I truly don't like the fact it feels like time is about to run out on me in a way.

Frankly, the biggest worry is about this summer in a sense. I guess I can work some at BK, enough to pay the bills but it's be better to find a programming job. Anyone knows someone who needs someone who can work with SQL, Java SE and EE and PHP or some such this summer? I know a little about Linux(SuSE mainly) too :)

I know I'm ranting but hey, I'm allowed right? It's rough ending all my studies now. Somehow it has created a nice and easy pattern for me to live within. I can't say I love studies anymore though. I feel like doing something that's published aside my own webpage. Readers? Don't know as I don't have to counter active anymore.

The snow is actually making sad now, usually the whiteness mixed with the black sky makes me calm now but perhaps I've grown weary of it. I don't cold as such but I'm beginning to miss the warmth, the little we do have, of the sun.

I know I one thing though, I really like my stupid setup now. I'll post a picture or two of it in the future I think. There is something to be said once you get all computers to act like one computer. KDE4 does a lot to smooth out the crinkles in it but it's nice to see it working for once. I bet however, if I have to redo it, it'll take me just as long as the first time to make it work. HOWTOs are nice but I don't think I've actually understood all the details of it yet.

Well on a positive note, was in a meeting with a few representatives of the program I was studying now and got some pointers on writing a CV and such. Going to use it in the future, never got just how generic mine were and how detrimental it was to my job-hunting. Hopefully it'll go better now :)


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