2010-11-21 - Writing...

It is fun writing. Not the most fun I have ever done but fun enough. I've been writing all weekend. It is actually fun to see a story grow up. Maybe because it hasn't been read by anyone else. Probably won't be either but that is aside the point really.

It is quite interesting at least to see how ones mind work since a lot of, or all of it really, comes from your self. How you want things to be, how you perceive them and what makes things the way they are. It becomes clearer and clearer to me that it is really you in the stories. Playing puppets with your self. Except, you aren't.

I know that sounds strange but it seems almost like they get their own little life when you write. While you still control all the things surrounding them, the world as it were, they react to them all. It is strange to know that once they were you and now they are not. For a lot of reasons they get their own life. And they make a lot more sense to you when you just let them be what they are.

Anyway, it's very nice to write and get things out. To get the story down and perhaps deal with some of my own issues with things. It feels a little unhinged to say it, well write it down here but at least I'm writing it. I think if I'm not getting better at it, at least I'm getting more aware of my own idiosyncrasies.

The other thing that has struck me is that everyone has gone batshit crazy for vampires. I mean it's mainstream to have at least one in there. And a werewolf and possibly something else. Which is why my book right now feels like a complete sham. Hehe yes, it's hard when you thought you had an original idea and now everyone has it. But then I guess I didn't start writing it to get it published either.

At any rate, working now. Really real programming work. Both at work and at home. Building my own new site. Yes nothing is really showing on this site right now. I'm also buildings my mums new site. A full blown CMS. I know, but I'm making stuff object oriented which means I can move it from one site to the other. Mainly because I build the classes and system to be modular. There are some minor changes that has to be done but mainly those are simple. I hope. Just requires PHP 5.3+.

At any rate, first blog in a long while. Studies are finally over and now I get to live my life. Such as it is ;-)


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