2009-12-13 - Ok, the puppy is woofing...

Not literally, found a cute new linux distro for me. Running on a new machine I bought for a song. Again not literally but very cheap. Going to use it for my local network as a fileserver/vnc server. Making it slightly easier to work on what I want from the other computer I have running here.

I had a look around the apartment and I now have 5 computers that are switched on at least once a day if not running all the time. No, don't bother robbing me. While one is a decent quad the rest is nigh on ancient, the new one is actually a single core intel at 900MHz with a whopping 512MB RAM and glorious Riva2 graphics card. The soundcard... hmm pc speaker?

The reason I bought it is that I want to get a server running at home for simple things. A box to basically to kill with stupidity. Or a lot of programs running on it. The fact that I have a semiconstant ip number means I can try it out from school etc. Rather nice concept actually, very silent machine indeed.

Yes, I know this page still doesn't look very well but then there are these 3 weeks coming up being called vacation. I'll have at least 2 of them to work on the site. It shouldn't be too much of a problem I hope. After all, it's the finishing moves here.

However under the bonnet there are heaps to make. CMS thingies and so on. And learning where and what and why I should Javascript on.


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